Leveraging the Time Value of Money
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We specialize in fast closing commercial loans including stated income and rehab programs. Residential rehab loans up to 70% ARV. Our portfolio of services includes multi-family, commercial, retail, mixed-use, mobile home parks, office, warehouse, light industrial, special purpose and bridge loans as well as others.  We have developed excellent relationships with a few select national direct lenders and private investors that offer some of the most competitive loans available.

Apply online for the fastest response.  If you have a deal that you would like to discuss, please fill out one of our 2 minute online applications.  We will review your summary and contact you usually within 24 hours -- time is money.


New Residential/
Commercial Rehab
Programs that lend up to 75% After-Rehab-Value.
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Our Fast and Easy Process

Allows us to maximize efficient and effective communications with our clients as well as our network of lenders and investors. more info



No Junk fees or monthly payments, 100% funding of the purchase, rehab or construction, and closing costs. more info

Note:  Commercial nationally.  Residential rehab and hard money loans available
 nationwide with preferred states and cities highlighted below.
Alabama Hard Money Montana
Alaska (not available) Nebraska Hard Money
Arizona Hard Money *90-100% LTV Nevada Hard Money *90% LTV
Arkansas Hard Money (coming soon) New Hampshire
California Hard Money *90% LTV New Jersey
Colorado Hard Money New Mexico Hard Money
Connecticut (not available) New York
Delaware (not available) North Carolina Hard Money
D.C. Hard Money North Dakota
Florida Hard Money Ohio Hard Money
Georgia Hard Money Oklahoma Hard Money
Hawaii (not available) Oregon Hard Money
Idaho Hard Money Pennsylvania Hard Money
Illinois Hard Money Rhode Island (not available)
Indiana Hard Money South Carolina Hard Money
Iowa Hard Money South Dakota
Kansas Hard Money Tennessee Hard Money
Kentucky Hard Money Texas Hard Money
Louisiana (not available) Utah Hard Money
Maine (not available) Vermont (not available)
Maryland Hard Money Virginia hard money
Massachusetts (not available) Washington Hard Money
Michigan (not available) West Virginia
Minnesota Hard Money Wisconsin Hard Money
Mississippi Hard Money Wyoming
Missouri Hard Money

   Popular Loan Programs

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   Fast response forms

  1. Residential Pre-Qual Form
  2. Broker Loan Scenario Form
  3. Commercial Loan Form

   Documents and Tools

  1. Executive Loan Summary for Commercial Property
  2. 1003 Loan Application
  3. Credit Report Authorization
  4. Repair Budget Worksheet
  5. Worksheet of Real Estate Owned Properties
  6. Loan Funding Checklist
  7. Residential Property Analyzer

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