Leveraging the Time Value of Money
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Referral Partners

Many of the mortgage brokers prefer to focus on their business an refer us their commercial loans.

Referral fees range from .25% to .50% of the loan amount and are dependent on the size and complexity of the deal and your involvement in the loan process.

Lenders & Investors

We are always looking to add additional lending programs to our offerings. 

If you are a private investor or a lending source that would work with us, please submit a request and we will be happy to review your offerings and include you in our services.

Platinum Partners

 After you have closed three loans with us you increase your payout.

Platinum partners receive 25% to 50% of our loan commissions depending on your involvement and deal complexity.  There are other additional perks as well.

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Link Partners

You can increase web traffic by exchanging a link on your site for a link on ours.

The best way to increase your rankings on the search engines is to exchange links with other sites that have a strong rating.  We are consistently tuning our site, are you?

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  affiliate link partners

We have a link exchange program with the following companies:

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